Circle of Men – A Half-Day Experiential Workshop

An introduction to the New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA)

Are you the next man?

Are you the next man?

Several times a year MKPLA Council and Certified Co-Leaders facilitate FREE, half-day workshops.** These Circle of Men workshops have been described as Mini-NWTAs (New Warrior Training Adventures) for uninitiated men who want to experience the richness of the NWTA and who want to have an opportunity to meet some of the who will be staffing the Training. These are free, no-obligation workshops for men 18 and above to attend. It is “a half-day of experiential, personal, growth work within a contemporary men’s group.” It is not an open circle; it is not an open house; it is not an Integration-Group. It is a real workshop opportunity for men to experience the magic of a shorter version of the NWTA at no cost and no obligation. Each workshop is a stand-alone experience.

Upcoming Workshops
Most current Circle Of Men workshops are posted on our meetup.com page. Please click on one of the following links to get that info:

Circle of Men LA

Los Angeles, CA
468 Men

This meetup is for men who want to sit in a circle with other men and speak and listen from the heart without interrupting, judging or trying to “fix” the man speaking. Groups…

Next Meetup

Circle of Men in Alhambra

Saturday, Jan 26, 2019, 2:00 PM
13 Attending

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Circle Of Men Inland Empire

Claremont, CA
157 Members

We invite men from all over Southern California, particularly Inland Empire and San Gabriel Valley, to sit with us and discover the brotherhood and joy of sitting in a circle …

Next Meetup

Claremont Men’s Group

Monday, Feb 4, 2019, 7:00 PM
2 Attending

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Circle Of Men Orange County

Santa Ana, CA
3 Members

We invite men from all over Southern California, particularly Orange County, to sit with us and discover the brotherhood and joy of sitting in a circle of like-minded men who …

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For more info you may contact the MKPLA Outreach Team:
phone: 888-400-6952 or e-mail: MKPLA Outreach Team

What would your life be like for you to be involved with authentic men in building sustainable relationships?

  • Are you a man who doesn’t have a mission in life… something to guide you and help you focus your energy?
  • If you could have, be or do anything, without the fear of failure, what would you have, be or do?
  • Have you ever seen other men being honored and thanked for their honesty and openness?
  • Have you ever been part of a “band of brothers”… men who you knew you could trust and who would support
    you on your journey through life?
  • Is there anything in your past that you wish you could rewrite with a different outcome or ending?
  • How well do you know yourself… how much do you share yourself?
  • Do you know how to identify your emotions in the moment and what to do with those emotions when you feel

If you got an uneasy feeling trying to answer any of these questions (or you had trouble answering them), then this free workshop might be for you!

Please join us to experience a day of deep personal growth work within a contemporary mens’ group.

See you there!

Contact the MKPLA Outreach Team by phone or email with your questions, or to RSVP your intention to attend:
phone: 888-400-6952 or e-mail: MKPLA Outreach Team

NOTE: Dates and locations of upcoming workshops will be posted on meetup.com and can be found by clicking on the following links:

Los Angeles: https://www.meetup.com/MKPCircleOfMenLA/

Inland Empire: https://www.meetup.com/MKPCircleOfMenIE/

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