Other Training

MKPLA offers other MKP-sponsored workshops and training programs designed to improve or enhance personal and interpersonal lives and interactions with others. These range from personal workshops which affect individuals to process-related or leadership training to provide greater insight and experiential skills for NWTA weekends.

Some of the MKP-sponsored and other workshops/training include:

NWTA Staffing & Circle-Related Trainings

  • ST1 – Staff Training 1 (similar to prior BSDT, but newer!)
  • AST – Advanced Staff Training

Leadership / Co-Leader Trainings

  • LT-1 – Leader Training 1, “The Container of Leadership”
  • LT-2 – Leader Training 2, “The Blessings and Burden of Leadership”
  • LT-3 – Leader Training 3, The Co-Leader Training, “The Authentic Servant Leader”
  • PIT Facilitation Training

Personal Trainings & Workshops