Circle of Men
a free no-obligation workshop for men. A gathering of men 18 years and older looking to empower their lives through support, accountability and conversation with other men in the Santa Barbara area. We are a committed group of men living powerful, kickass lives building and supporting the emotionally mature, accountable, and compassionate male role models that our communities need. Sponsored by Mankind Project Santa Barbara.

Circle of Men in Santa Barbara Sunday, May 1st 6-9pm  a free no-obligation workshop for men.
at Unitarian Society: Call Doug 805-448-817

Circle of Men in SLO Tuesday, May 31st 6-9pm  a free no-obligation workshop for men.
at Brushworks Painting: Call Pat 805-550-0020

Earth Day presence for MKP Santa Barbara was powerful and professional. Awesome place for great MKP men to get together and connect with other great men who will benefit from what MKP has to offer.

MKPSB Circle of Men flyer2016

Men’s Meetings (free)
Santa Barbara: 2nd and 4th Tues Doug 805-448-8171
Carpinteria: 2nd and 4th Tues. Jamie 805-453-5640
Ventura: Tuesdays. Patrick 805-280-9280
Solvang: 1st and 3rd Tues. Bruce 805-550-2151
San Luis Obispo: Tues and Th. Pat 805-550-0020